BOARDpoint is a solution created in order to address the clients’ need to speed up, simplify and facilitate the process of organizing and holding meetings. More than ten years of research and cooperation with state managements and large Croatian companies have helped us identify the various problems they were facing daily in the process of organizing and holding management board and supervisory board meetings. Based on the identified problems, we have created a solution that ensures a fast, quality and timely decision making process.

Some of the Challenges

  1. Board members have to deal with a ton of papers required for a meeting
  2. Copying and distribution of documents to board members is a long, slow and expensive process
  3. The system slows down on account of the slightest change in documents, agenda, list of participants, etc
  4. Safety of highly confidential documents is not guaranteed
  5. Problems with browsing by meetings
  6. Document retrieval problems
  7. Problems in monitoring and organizing the entire process
  8. Substantial document copying and distribution costs
  9. Problems in retrieving the latest version of a document
  10. Assignment execution monitoring