10 advantages the BOARDpoint solution brings to meeting participants

  • Agenda on the computer/tablet screen instead of on paper
  • Easier and faster browsing of meeting and document contents
  • Access to documents any time, any place
  • Supervision of the process of preparing decision proposals for agenda items
  • Monitoring and management of the meeting agenda
  • Electronic voting on all agenda items and real time monitoring of the voting process and results
  • Simple quorum monitoring
  • Possibility of entering comments visible to no one but you
  • Increased safety of confidential information and faster distribution of assigments
  • Definition of deadlines for particular activities and the process as a whole

10 Advantages the BOARDpoint solution brings to administrators and persons involved in the meeting preparation process

  • Simple uploading of all required documents
  • Fully adjustable to your organizational structure and demands
  • Tracking document versions and the history of changes and easy retrieval of the latest document version
  • Automated document approval process
  • Fast and simple delivery of documents to board members regardless of their location
  • Notifications and warnings about the required course of action sent to participants automatically via e-mail
  • Simple adding or removal of meeting participants
  • Simple adding or removal of agenda items and sub-items
  • All meeting related documents stored in one place
  • Possibility of human error reduced to a minimum