BOARDpoint is a tool enabling you to translate proper preparation into a proper decision

BOARDpoint is a solution for managing meetings held by management boards of companies and other institutions that make decisions on the basis of documents prepared in advance. The goal is to speed up, simplify and facilitate the process of preparing and holding meetings. With the introduction of controls and standardization, the decision making process becomes more productive and efficient, thus improving the overall business operations of an organization. BOARDpoint is intended for management boards, councils, companies, state and local authorities, and all other institutions whose business operations depend on ensuring that important business decisions are made efficiently and timely.

Interactivity - facilitates the exchange of information

Ensures safe access to all information regardless of your location.
Participants receive all notifications via e-mail.
Makes communication between meeting participants possible.
Facilitates the activities of administrators, secretaries and other participants in the meeting preparation process.
Possibility of real time electronic voting.
Possibility of announcing meetings on the Internet.

Adjustability - with BOARDpoint, you don’t have to change your style of operation

BOARDpoint is a solution fully adjustable to your organizational structure and demands.
Fully adjustable to your company’s organizational structure and business processes.
Fast integration with your business system.
Possibility of integration with other systems (eOffice, ERP, SAP, etc.).
Flexibility in adding new business processes.
MultiBOARDpoint – possibility of interactive meetings of more instances of BOARDpoint.

Controls - BOARDpoint ensures increased efficiency

Creating a defined business process to serve as the basis for meeting preparation.
Setting deadlines for completing particular activities and the entire process.
Introduction of controls into the entire process.
No lost documents, no delays.
Reduced paper usage and man hours.
Routine human error reduced to a minimum.

Safety - BOARDpoint portal ensures a high level of safety protection

Access allowed after entering a valid user password.
Individual access rights granted in accordance with authorizations depending on the function.
Safe document storage and distribution.

Besides providing transparency in the decision-making process, absolutely eliminating the need to print paper that has drastically affected the reduction of costs and the negative impact on the environment.