Tablet version

BOARDpoint tablet version – quick and simple access to meetings wherever you are

The BOARDpoint tablet version allows you to actively participate in a meeting, view documentation and vote on each item on the agenda wherever you are using any tablet computer.

Benefits to meeting participants:

  • Overview of meetings by item on the agenda
  • Voting on all items on the agenda, individually and collectively
  • Public and private comments
  • Viewing, reading and searching documentation
  • Overview of conclusions from previous meetings

Benefits to meeting organizers:

  • Meetings are easy to follow
  • Quorum monitoring
  • Monitoring the course and results of voting
  • Automated creation of comprehensive meeting documentation
  • Various reports and statistics

Using the tablet version, you can take part in meetings wherever you are. In addition to providing transparency in the decision-making process, it absolutely eliminates any need for printing, which drastically reduces costs and adverse environmental impacts.